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Mud pump piston rubber

Mud pump piston rubber

Product Name: Mud pump piston rubber
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Mud pump piston rubberDetails

Rubber piston mud pump piston assemblies are main components of drilling pump fluid end system is also used in drilling work one of the most vulnerable parts. Piston cores made of 42CrMo. Our company can produce the f-series and 3NB series, 9-P-100/13-P-130/12-P-160 series, PZ7/8/9 Series mud pump with various size piston Assembly metric (Imperial).
Piston rubber also known as the piston Cup, is mud fluid end system of main parts and wearing parts of slurry pump in the most heavily used one of them. Piston rubber Vulcanized rubber products, ordinary rubber piston made of nitrile rubber, polyurethane rubber can also be used to increase the rubber temperature range.
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